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52 года (родился 16 апреля 1968), высшее образование, cостоит в браке, есть дети
Москва, готов к переезду: Санкт-Петербург, Ярославль 
Гражданство: Россия
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Project manager, Engineering / Design manager, Project director

Полная занятость, готов к командировкам
240 000 руб.

Опыт работы 22 года и 7 месяцев

    • Июль 2015 – работает сейчас
    • 5 лет и 4 месяца

    Localization Project manager

    Top 3 international pharmaceutical company, Москва
    Crop Science, Pharma


    Responsibility within Russian office for the execution of projects for localization of company's production at Russian CMOs; Project management of localization and CAPEX projects; Team leadership and management; Timellines scheduling and tracking; Engineering and technology management in regards to process and equipment gap; Review and checking of process and quality documentation of CMO; Contract and techical relationships with recieving sites; Participation in Technical Audits of CMOs; Work within the international team Headquarter - Russian office - CMO Achievements. Project 1. After three years of work with the CMO the techology transfer was successfully completed; The head quarter's audit was passed without critical findings; Validation batches are within spec. Project 2. Finalization and start - up of CAPEX project in Ukraine; Intercompany's and international project management and motivation was successfulyy implemented; The project was completed three months ahead of the schedule. Project 3/ CAPEX project of the new production facility in Russia. Succesful site selection; Establishment of working relationship with the industrial park; Initial permitting completed. Project is on - going.
    • Сентябрь 2010 – март 2015
    • 4 года и 7 месяцев

    Project manager

    NNE Pharmaplan LLC, The International engineering company specialized in the field of pharmaceutical and bio – tech industry design. HQ is allocated in Denmark, 2000 employees around the globe., Москва


    In regards to Project Management: - Project guidance in accordance with PMI standards; - Participation in developing of busyness ideas and projects initiation; - Development, preparation, analysis and review budgets and other financial reports; - Projects planning, scheduling, monitoring and control during execution; - Provision of the integrated change control through the whole Project life cycle until closing; - Project and resource planning – right people to right projects, evaluation of required resources, optimization of a project team etc. - Project’s progress control by means of EVM, Profit & Loss Calculation and other key performance indexes; - Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. Risk monitoring at the execution phase; - Day-to-day management of the department – finances, policy alignment, coordination etc - Coordination of an international (cross – region) Project team (RU, EU, CN); - Last half of 2014 – member of NNE Pharmaplan’ Project Management Board. Result: successful implementation of PMI standards into company’s every day’s work In regards to Engineering / Design Management: - Management of the team of architects and engineers in accordance with GEP; - Development of Architectural Ideas in relation to design solutions from conceptual design to a construction permit; - Preparation of tasks for design solutions; - Cross – disciplinary coordination of design documentation; - Chief engineering experience (non – formal); - Collection of raw data for designing, solution of technical situations for projects during the whole period of designing, construction, bringing into the operation; - Monitoring of technical risks and their alignment with project documentation; - Fire – fighting concept interdisciplinary coordination; - P-Stage examination in an Expertise; - Realization of author supervision. Result: successful realization of GEP practice in the engineering work. The highest evaluation of engineering and management project performance confirmed and documented by clients. In regards to communications with local authorities and collection of the resolving documentation: - Obtaining and coordination of Technical Conditions for networks connection; - Supervision of equivalence of project documentation development to results of engineering survey, town planning of ground area, technical rules demand, etc; - Knowledge of legal and other normative documentation i.e. Russian town-planning code, land-laws etc. - Communications with local authorities and expertizes in different regions: Moscow, Saint – Petersburg, Kaluga Region, Special Economic Zones and Industrial parks; - Creation, collection and provision of approvals for IRD (Initial Resolving Documentation) Completed Projects 1) Customer: NovaMedica Duration: 9/2014 – 12/2014 Facility type: Greenfield Pharmaceutical plant Site country: Russian Federation, Kaluga Project description: Conceptual Design for the new OSD plant Role: Project manager 2) Customer: Oblpharma Duration: 6/2014 – 12/2014 Facility type: Greenfield Pharmaceutical plant Site country: Russian Federation, Moscow region Project description: Feasibility Study, elaboration of the Development strategy and Conceptual Design for the new OSD plant Role: Project manager 3) Customer: Prioskolye Duration: 7/ 2012 – 11/2014 Facility type: New fermentation plant Site country: Russian Federation, Belgorod region, Shebekino town. Project description: Detail Design of the sterile area, tender documentation and piping design of non – sterile part of the greenfield fermentation plant Role: PM&EM of the international project team from RU office 4) Customer: Novartis Duration: 01/ 2011 – 12/2014 Facility type: New pharmaceutical plant, 33 000 sq.m. Site country: Russian Federation, Saint – Petersburg, Novoorlovskaya SEZ Customer HQ: Slovenia Project description: Concept, P-Stage, Detail Design and Working Documentation for construction of the new pharmaceutical plant. Role: IRD manager at the Concept and P-Stage, PM at the stage of State Expertize, Tender Documentation, DD and Author Supervision at the construction site 5.) Customer: Novo Nordisk Duration: 2011 - 2012 Facility type: New Pharmaceutical plant Project type: Construction Site country: Russian Federation, Kaluga Customer HQ: Denmark Project description: Responsible for creating the total list of initial documentation for the new facility, for all the approvals for it and for getting the Construction Permit. Documents collecting, contacts with local authorities etc. Role: IRD collection manager 6) Customer: Astra Zeneca Duration: 2010 - 2011 Facility type: New Pharmaceutical plant Site country: Russian Federation, Kaluga Project description: Responsible for creating the total list of initial documentation for new facility and for all the approvals for it. Documents collecting, contacts with local authorities etc. IRD- package documentation for the Project was successfully completed. Positive conclusion of the State Expertize for design documentation was obtained in Sept. 2011. Role: IRD collection manager
    • Апрель 2007 – сентябрь 2010
    • 3 года и 6 месяцев

    Project manager in “Technical Customer” service

    ZAO “Vesta II”. A medium level company - developer working on Moscow market, Москва


    Project Manager in Technical Customer service. Collection of IRD, interaction with local legal and technical authorities, State Expertise. Completed projects: 1) Historical building 1 500 sq.m. Milyutinsky lane, bld. 10. Restoration. Scope of work: from investment contract till the positive conclusion of the Expertize; 2) Multi – functional center 25 000 sq.m. Yurlovsky passage, 5. Scope of work: from urban planning study till GPZU; 3) Non – resident building 1 200 sq.m. B. Serpuhovskaya str., 62. Capital repair and reconstruction works. From IRD till “0” cycle. 4) Other sub – projects at different stages of design and construction of different types of facilities.
    • Январь 1998 – апрель 2007
    • 9 лет и 4 месяца

    One of two owners and the general manager at the same time

    Gallery Mobile ad company, Москва


    Customers, personnel, contract, communications management

Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

- Knowledge of basic GMP and GEP rules; - Knowledge of technology of OSD manufacturing; - Knowledge of main principles and guiding rules of technology and analytical transfer - Development of Architectural Ideas in relation to design solutions from conceptual design to a construction permit. - Cross – disciplinary coordination of design documentation. - Chief engineering experience (non – formal) - Fire – fighting concept interdisciplinary coordination. - Technical Conditions Coordination with emphases on technical conditions for engineering services - Knowledge of legal and other normative documentation i.e. Russian town-planning code, land-laws etc. - Coordination of an international Project team (RU, EU, CN) - High communication skills - Responsible, result – oriented - Able to be a leader and work as a team – member as well

Дополнительные сведения:

March 2015. The author and lecturer of the “Short course of the Project Management in pharmaceutical industry” for the magistracy of Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology. The reason of the job seeking is low projects loading and uncertain situation with the department of employing.

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